The Wreckoning is the brain child of local mobile entertainment company 5 Gents Events, who have previously used the bus as a mobile escape room called BrakeOut Arizona.

After completing their October contract with The Wreckoning, BrakeOut Arizona will be rebuilt bigger and better than ever. 

Fueled by fear, the Wreckoning is the East Valley's newest haunted mobile attraction. Built inside a 350 square foot school bus, the twisting and turning path will guide willing participants through a series of haunted scenes, but they won't be alone. Inside, spirits and skeletons spook and scare, and you never know what—or who—is around the corner. 


Bring your friends to Schnepf Farms' annual Pumpkin and Chilli Party each Thursday-Sunday night in October to take your chances on making it out alive.  Tickets are being sold through the official festival website and will be an "add on" cost to the main festival tickets.  Tickets will also be sold at the front gate and at the attraction itself.

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